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11-14-2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
The team is 6-5-1 and Eberle and RNH are near the league leaders in points despite putting in half ass efforts. The team should be better as well as RNH and Eberle but lets relax with the sky is falling stuff. It seems that you are teetering on the edge of calling them busts in some form.
The team is 6wins, 7losses. I never subscribe to the candy colored loser pts formula and I never do.

If one wants to separate all the Win Loss events properly we are:

5regulation wins 1OTW =6W's

5regulation losses. 1SO loss, 1OTL= 7L's

See what I mean?

As far as the pts the vast majority of pts ahve been PP pts. Anybody familiar with my posting history knows that I draw a huge distinction between the value of players driving EV, vs PP pts. Anybody can drive some PP pts, even Omark. The last thing I want for these kids is to be resting on PP laurels. I want them developing their FULL game.
Anybody that follows my posting knows I also value outscoring. Which the kids are barely doing despite this being in the AHL, and their playing with each other, AND a highly prized D free agent that was the signing of the summer. The resident Bobby Orr in effect(at least for the purposes of this level) There could be no mistake at all that Schultz is driving most of the pts the kids are seeing to this point.

Busts? No, when did I state that? I am concerned that development and becoming more well rounded players isn't presently occuring.

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