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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
I clearly didn't intend it as an exact analogy, and I don't think his aversion to playing in the US/Canada is as strong as typical western man's aversion to living in Somalia, but if he prefers staying in Russia doesn't make it evident he lacks the drive and that he just wants to have it easy. It just signifies he likes it better in Russia, that's all. It's silly to infer about his motives, when you clearly don't know him. That was my point. Judge him on how you think he plays, not stuff you make up about him.
You can't just say that the only reason is because he likes it better in Russia, when the difference in living conditions is probably in favour of Nashville, and the level of hockey in the NHL is much higher. To suggest as much is to suggest that he's an idiot. The analogy only cloaks the true nature of the situation. There are no reasons except hockey related ones to stay in Russia.

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