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11-14-2012, 11:58 PM
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Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

I was on board with first half or so with this movie, wasn't good but also wasn't bad, then it decides to stop making anything that resembles sense. It takes sense behind the shed and shoots it in the face. If Wreck-It Ralph was a serial killer, my sense would be the token black guy. Poor, small, innocent Fix-it Felix was my idea of what was going on... and he got taken advantage of by someone the size of Ralph. Cosmopolis was a more digestible movie than this. Just horribly compounding nonsense that hurt my brain... and this is someone who plays videogames and got the references. God help someone else. I'm not going to say don't go see it because somehow people are giving this a pass so... whatever, you may like it, but for me this is the worst film I've seen all year. Actually that is a lie, I turned off Snow White half and hour in because it was so bad and refuse to revisit it (one of only two movies to ever make me do that) so that wins by default. But I enjoyed John Carter, This Means War, Motorway, and Men in Black 3 more. Exceptionally shoddy film-making.

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