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Originally Posted by tripleX View Post
You really like to argue just for the sake of arguing. You are comparing normal NFL contracts to abnormal and rare NHL contracts.

Let me make it more clear:
Ok, so you agree NFL contracts aren't guaranteed and a star player like Brees can only be guaranteed 60% of the contract even after he holds out. Most NFL players are not stars like Brees and they are in even worse shape.

NFL contracts aren't guaranteed and it's no comparison to the NHL players who are in better situation in terms of majority of contracts being guaranteed.

case closed.
Sorry, still disagree, because as I touched on in the previous thread, the flip side of open contracts, means NFL players can renegotiate their deals after two years.

So NFL players rarely get stuck in a bad contract, whereas NHL players are locked into their deals, even if they outperform their contracts (see Letang, Kris)

NHL players may have guaranteed contracts, but they have no true signing bonuses, can't renegotiate bad deals and still can be bought out.

I also touched on how rookies under PT CBA got paid a kings ransom for doing zilch. Guys like Young and Russell earned tens of millions, and they were busts.

It is far from a closed case.

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