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11-15-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by kevinsane View Post
I don't mind baseball, but loathe all things Toronto, and all this "we" stuff in reference to Toronto's team is nausea inducing. How exactly did they become "we"? Because they play a mere 3000 miles away? Whoop de doo. I'll cheer for Canadian players, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I care what the Blew **** or the Crapturds accomplish.

Immature? Definitely. Subject to change? Hell, no.
Note: when I said "we" I meant solely the regular posters in the hf Canucks subforum. To paraphrase the post you quoted: "I'm so depressed a bunch of Canucks fans have so little hockey-related news to discuss in their own forum dedicated to their own hockey team that anything baseball or Blue Jays related merited two threads in the general discussion section."

For the record, I did bandwagon with the Blue Jays when they were winning World Series Championships, but it was largely due to my best friend at the time who was a much more involved sports fan than I was and he was a massive Jays fan. I haven't cared about anything baseball-related for many years aside from the occasional Canadians game, and I honestly don't recognize a single name involved in this trade. Hate the Leafs, but I'm completely indifferent to the Blue Jays.

Just wanted to clarify. Carry on.

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