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11-15-2012, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
So just to be clear, when atlanta walked away from the thrashers that was an ownership issue but when the yotes went through bankruptcy, got bought by the NHL who kicked the tires on at least three different ownership groups and still could not find a suitor, then we cant pull the plug on the yotes because it would be bad PR ?
Moving anyone is bad PR, but what I said was that abandoning the south would be a PR disaster (in response to the "all these failed southern markets" kind of comment someone made, not sure who).

Phoenix has been a PR nightmare for years, any resolution is better.
(Although, I think the NHL would be wise to relocate them to Houston, to avoid further "Failed South" stories).

I'm not saying Phoenix can't be moved or there's horrific PR consequences. I'm saying AFTER Phoenix, you can't cut off any protection for Florida, Carolina, Nashville and hope they fail/move, as some posters were bringing up.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Its not surprising to me that bad markets attract bad owners. it seems to me that your argument that if you undergo rapid expansion and grant entrance into a bunch of non traditional markets that the league must throw good money after bad because admitting what everyone knows ( expansion too fast into iffy markets) and they must keep throwing money at this bottomless pit because the league cant come out and say they made a mistake.
#1 - I've always said that SUDDEN expansion was way worse than SOUTHERN expansion.
#2 - Pretty much, yes. But it's not about "pride" or "stubbornness." It's about the point of no return. The NHL knocked up the South, now they have to pay child support.

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