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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
Ok, then the players have to have a share of the burden of other financial aspects of the business.

Would you, as a player, really want to open up this line of thinking?
They do: That's why a portion of their salaries are placed in escrow.
If you were an owner, you would actually let your players tell you where you could relocate a franchise? I mean, it's all fine and good because we are third parties looking in from the outside. But if you gave up the opportunity cost of pumping 10's of millions dollars into the franchise in order to let it run, and your chances of even breaking even were not assured, you would still let your employees - who represent your greatest barrier to making a profit - have a say in how you run your business?

You're a better man than me.
NHL players are the greatest barrier in keeping the owners from a profit? I don't agree with that line of thinking at all: It's been clearly shown that at the very least the San Jose Sharks are purposely in the red; how many others are doing this? How many are in the red as a result of a bad managing or bad franchise location? The players are the only thing bringing you money.

They listened to Bettman about franchise location and I trust the players more than I trust him.

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