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11-15-2012, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
He is, when he is playing. Is Crosby's prime roughly 50-80 games? Cause in that case i bet i can find the same kind of stretch from Ovechkin where he produced at the same level.

I think Crosby has the highest potential and abilities, he just doesn't get to play. (Injuries, lockout) Players prime should be more than one season worth of games.

This is something i never understand. How do one tell when a player is a "winner"? Only based on championships? Cause, first of all, Canadian players should not be given extra credit due to international play. Whenever there is a tournament Canadian NT is the team to beat. Winning WJC, Olympic's, WC etc. is a LOT easier for Canadian than it is for Finnish/Czech players. (i know that getting in to Canada's national team is an accomplishment, but if we are talking about the best players in the world it should be noted that everyone of them would make the Canada NT)
Cup's is a weak argument too, since there is player's even better than Crosby who only managed 1/0 cups in their whole career. Bourque for example. He never got to the Cup before his stint in Avs. I still have never heard anyone to challenge him about being a "winner".

Great players don't win you cups, they help you for sure, but great teams win you cups.
the thing is that when sid has played - including this past year - he turns up big time and is a game changer. he's there and he makes things happen...even w/ his injuries if you look at his stats vs. games played (incl. recovering from blows to the head) it's pretty off the hook. (and i say this as someone who loved watching Philly troll the Pens in the it's not like i'm a Crosby apologist or anything). I like Ovi a ton (and would defend him a lot as someone who i think will potentially return to prime) - but w/ that said i just don't think even at his best he's close to sid, that's all.

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