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Originally Posted by Riddick View Post
I'm actually more pissed at baseball for allowing that piece of **** Loria be an owner than i am at hockey. He makes Wang look like a guy thriving to win at all costs..
Seriously. He's now destroyed baseball in two CITIES by scorching the earth so no one will ever be a fan again.

Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
I'll have someone to root for in the AL though. I think I've literally watched maybe two AL v AL game in the past 5 years. I just can't take that kind of baseball. NL is where its at.
Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
Funny you say that because I can't watch a National League game without wanting to rub hot mustard in my eyes.
Bases loaded with two outs and the pitcher up? Rally over. If the pitchers actually practiced hitting and were good at it then fine but watching a pitcher try to hit is comical. I'd much rather watch a DH hit a ball 450 feet than a pitcher lay down a bunt/strike out looking silly.
And style of game aside, you can't even argue that a vast majority of the best talent in the game is in the American League. Especially now that Pujols and Fielder came over.
Originally Posted by Bunk Moreland View Post
There is no denying that the AL has superior talent..
But like you said to each their own cause I absolutely love National League baseball and am not a fan of the DH at all.. Just my opinion that it should be played the old school way where all 9 fielders have to man the plate as well. I'm not adverse to watching AL games though, I really love watching the game and have been to many AL stadiums and games.
AL has the superior talent (kinda) because they can offer more than the NL can in free agency:

-- They have an extra starter in the lineup, which allows them to get more big hitters.
The Yankees could sign Teixiera while they had Giambi on the books for another couple years, because one can DH.
The Red Sox could trade for Gonzalez while they had Ortiz and Youkilis, because Youk could play 3B and Ortiz can DH.
But the Phillies traded Jim Thome when Ryan Howard came up. If they were an AL team, they could have kept both.
And the Nationals traded Josh Willingham because they had Werth, Morse and Harper in the OF.

-- They can add more years to win the free agent bidding wars, because they have the DH as an option.
Albert Pujols getting 10 years? Cardinals can't make that commitment, an AL team like the Angels can.
Prince Fielder, who's not the most mobile of 1B? Not getting a 9-year deal from an NL team.

I am in the "hate the DH" camp, but as a realist, it's not going away and the rules should be the same for the entire sport. I'd rather see the NL add the DH than keep losing free agents. A Yankee fan opened my eyes: "I understand your point, because I'm a puristů but you wouldn't feel that way about the DH if you saw Piazza DH 80 games and be fresh enough in September to rake, help you catch the Braves, and not miss the playoffs in 1998 and 2001."

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