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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
They do: That's why a portion of their salaries are placed in escrow.
NHL players are the greatest barrier in keeping the owners from a profit? I don't agree with that line of thinking at all: It's been clearly shown that at the very least the San Jose Sharks are purposely in the red; how many others are doing this? How many are in the red as a result of a bad managing or bad franchise location? The players are the only thing bringing you money.

They listened to Bettman about franchise location and I trust the players more than I trust him.
That's the thing - the players have to bear the consequences of fluctuations in revenue that is generated by hockey.

However, there are many other costs to the business that are hockey-related but generate no revenue. The players bear no risks in regard to those costs, such as an increase in travel expenses, or employee salaries. The players aren't the only people employed by an NHL team.

Again, as a player you would never want to open that door. I guess they are lucky you are not determining these things for them.

As for trusting players more than an actual businessman in terms of franchise location...well I'm going to let that statement speak for itself.

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