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11-15-2012, 02:12 AM
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I don't get why people seem to get all ******** about him leaving the NHL and turn it into a slight against his character. The KHL is not a beer league, and the gap between it an the NHL is understated. He signed a 4 year deal worth 9M per, he'd get maybe 6M in the NHL. We can talk about whether or not it's OK to be "in it for the money", but to me the bottom line is that in the blink of any eye your career can end, and leaving 12M on the table like that is a risky move. I'd understand the argument if he went to the KHL and got 6.5 per, but we're talking a 12 million dollar difference over 4 years (even more with the lockout). That's without getting into the quality of life side of it. He's playing at home, in a league he's familiar with, in a culture he knows, and a language he knows.

Say you're working for a NA company, the second best company in their industry, and you're one of their top guys. A Russian rival to your firm, the undisputed best in the world in the same industry, offers you 6M in salary to come work for them in Russia. Your current company offers you 9 million in salary to stay at home. That's how Radulov would see this. Stay at home and make 9M, or go halfway across the world for 6M. In his shoes (like the NA vs Russian company example), I'd do the same.

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