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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
small pot of boiling water on 3 yr old >>>>>>>>>>>> airplane sized portion tea cup on a grown woman ... and lets be honest - the water wasn't scalding served on an air plane. It's not like it was boiled and came right off the burner from a tea kettle.
Is it possible that its microwaved? I'm not sure really. If it is that would be a huge problem. Far more unpredictable heating than a tea kettle.

By statement of evidence the woman has lesions, and scalding from the scalding water.

Everything I stated is predicated on IF her reports are substantiated. i.e. if her claims of injuries and suffering are true. In which case it would mean the water was scalding in order to cause the alleged injuries.

lol pretty soon we'll be arguing proper tea etiquette or some such thing if hockey doesn't come back soon.

So whats peoples favorite breakfast cereal? With strawberries or banana? Do they still make prostars?

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