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11-15-2012, 02:40 AM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledHawkFan View Post
Anyone else come to grips with it and have just sorta shrugged it off? Was real upset in 05, but this lockout... just meh. Hoping it doesn't kill my love for the Hawks, but I can already feeling myself slipping.
It's funny being a Hawks (i.e. US team) fan in Toronto - and just reading the press and listening to things. You get individual journalists picking away at things critically - but there's that pervading "Bettman hates Canadians" mentality. The mood is definitely one of disgust - that the players and owners are all acting stupid. But there's also that mentality of people who still think that the root of NHL evil is teams in the southern us.

Speaking very stereotypically, Cdn. fans don't really "get" the idea that you should have a team in a city that doesn't live and die for the hockey team. Obviously, i'm being a bit extreme - but the answer up here to everything is "just move another team to Canada, people will watch it"

Toronto has that surreal aspect to it during the lockout, b/c it's the Leafs who cause a lot of the revenue problems that blow the cap sky high but are pissed off they can't watch the team right now - "Losers Since '67" ... and a massive fan base who will shell out hundreds for the most expensive tickets imaginable just to have the opportunity to rage on sports radio about how the team lost yet again

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