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Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
fail to miss the playoffs.
I think since its been so long since the leafs made the playoffs that you might've forgotten that the goal is to make the playoffs.

Regardless you sound so ignorant with your comments in that last post, do you really not think that having an elite goaltender backstopping an apparently "up and coming team" would not be more useful in trying to lure free agents (Which TO has failed to do since the cap system was introduced) than a struggling young, unproven goalie?


Scenario 1: TO makes the playoffs as a 6-8 seed with Luongo, the franchise looks like there is a bright future ahead and free agents say "Hey maybe it isn't as bad as it was before, maybe I'll hear Burkes pitch and take it seriously this time"

Scenario 2: Toronto missed the playoffs again due to not having a major league goalie, several players that are becoming UFAs leave despite competitive offers from TO for as much money or even maybe more than other teams are offering. Lupul, Bozak and Gunnerson leave for greener pastures. Do you really think any A-B+ UFA would consider signing with a team like that? If Getzlaf wanted to play for a loser he'd stick out the rebuilding process with Anaheim.

Players want to play for winners, they don't care about lottery picks or bluechip prospects. This is reality, welcome back.

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