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Originally Posted by John Swartzwelder View Post
I don't know any of those players
are they better than Barry Bonds?
No matter what you think of him, Barry Bonds is a Hall-of-Famer.
His numbers before the steroids were just sick, which you could tell by the sudden spike in home run totals when he was 35.

The players the Jays got were nowhere the talent of Bonds, but they are good ones.
Josh Johnson is an legit ace when healthy.
He has 4 strikeout pitches, and he is one of the best pitchers I have ever seen pitch.
Mark Buehrle is a workhorse, and is a pretty good mid-rotation starter.
He also had a perfect game and a no-hitter, and he is one of the best fielding pitchers, which really means nothing to be honest with you.
Reyes, when healthy, is pretty much a superstar.
He is pretty good on defense, has elite speed, and is virtually the prototypical lead-off man.
Emilio Bonifacio is the throw-in, but he can be key down the stretch.
He gets on base, and he can play multiple position.
He is perfect off the bench, or he can be good at 2B, the Jays biggest need right now.

Best of all, the package the Jays gave was good, but not that significant in the grand scheme of things.
Alvarez has good stuff and he is young, but I think he tops out at a No. 3 starter at best.
Adeiny Hechavarria has a great glove with great range, but his bat is really suspect.
He is young, but I really doubt his bat can get better.
Yunel Escobar has talent, but he is just not right in the head.
After that offensive incident, he had to go.
Mathis is the backup catcher.
They are dime-a-dozen.

The parts that were significant were probably Justin Nicolino and Jake Marisnick.
Nicolino were part of the "Lansing 3", the 3 best pitching prospect the Jays had.
Still, he was the third of the 3, and his stuff were not as good as the other 2.
Marisnick has 5-tool potential, but he needs work on his bat.
These pieces are significant, but the Jays still kept most of their best prospects.

All in all, I love this trade, and the Jays got better immediately.
However, it is all on paper.
The top guys the Jays got (Johnson and Reyes) has some injury risks, and turf can be tough for a guy like Reyes.
Furthermore, Johnson can walk after the year, and only draft picks would be the compensation.
Still, if it all works out, and the guys the Jays already have rebound and stay healthy, it is very possible a playoff spot is within reach.
Still, everything has to work out, so while I am optimistic, I am still a little bit weary.

Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi View Post

That is pretty filthy.
Lind and Arencibia is probably gone, to be honest with you.
Lind is pretty much done, because his confidence is shot and he is chasing too many bad pitches for 2 years in a row now, and the Jays still have 3 other catchers on the roster, one of whom is a stud prospect ready to take over, so they probably would trade them to both free up some money and for help in the left field and on 2nd base.

But I agree, the roster is looking very dangerous, provided Lawrie reach his potential and everyone stays healthy.

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