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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
It is to Wings fans, because we hold all of those players save Samuelsson in very high regard. I understand there value being less than some of the homerish viewpoints.

A large part of this is setup by Wings fans anyway in my opinion. Heck Franzen is basically the new Osgood, Wings fans rip on him so much I think it has hurt his overall value even though he is still a very good player. I doubt his value is nearly as low as some of the offers I see thrown around on him to Wings management or other GMs around the league.

Filppula has always had worlds of talent, Selanne and Wings management spent so long hyping him he became disappointing to some while in the third line role. He spends one season in the top six on the wing and he produces big. Now the talent has always been there and most of us think that season is the result of opportunity finally being given. But I don't fault other fan-bases for maybe thinking our certainty in his production in the coming season is placed a bit high.

*By the way he is out for two months as of today should a quick end to the lockout happen.

Nyquist is super hyped, but Filppula and Franzen are the last elite offensive talents the Wings have produced. I believe in him and Tatar quite a bit, but you see around here a lot of people thinking just being Red Wings prospect gets you overhyped. I think those that don't believe will eat their words. But it is hard to scare other teams with potential in your top six, until it has more than 20 NHL games of producing.

Brunner is interesting because he is another European free agent. I have to believe with college free agents, slow minor career guys and undrafted guys eventually one of these guys is going to hit big. I am talking bigger than Leino's big season. I think Brunner is an interesting guy and his comfort level with Zetterberg is encouraging.

The other factor is why every Wings fan slots Nyquist and Brunner in the lineup. The very real possability exists because of contracts and them having options, those roles will be filled by Bertuzzi, Cleary or Samuelsson. Not terrible but not altogether (well for other teams...) scary either. It depends on how Babcock and Holland really intend on putting this team together. History suggest it will be veterans, but then again unlike some of the more recent history when wins are necessary, the taking care of vets approach might vanish in a hurry.
Unfortunately, I don't think we'll have to worry about that.

I can certainly see questioning Brunner, but at this point, you'd be foolish to bet against Nyquist. Sure, there's always the chance he could bust, that is the case with anybody, but you've got a better chance being right if you bet on him. Just saying, the guy is hanging with Jordan Eberle in the AHL points race.

While you are right that history would suggest the vets getting the positions, I don't think we're at that point now. Bertuzzi, if we're lucky, will be good for 40 points. Same with Cleary. Veterans get those spots if they're capable of producing as good as the youth, and I don't think Bertuzzi or Cleary is capable of doing that anymore. And in the case of Nyquist, I think he's just that good, and they certainly aren't going to pluck him out of the AHL to play bottom line minutes. Holmstrom was a top line player as long as he was because of the role he had.

Samuelsson is the only one of the three that I can see being a top six guy unless an injury happens.

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