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11-15-2012, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Y'know, I'm still all in on trading Kane if it means acquiring the best player on the Senators.
no way there's *any* straight up Sens deal for Kane. none.

i'd still not trade him at all. i don't get why ppl want to.

in a "must trade him" lockout entertainment game - i'd go to the Habs and see what they'd give up. presumably price is off the table (but i wouldn't do that straight up).

leaving the problems w/ the lockout aside - i'd love to see up go after Anaheim players...Perry, Ryan, Getzlaf.

ignoring the lockout, perry's a ufa...and i can't see him being particularly attached to the team. getzlaf is as well - he's the C ... but that team is such a disaster why would he want to stay there long term? then there's ryan...but you get into a trade scenario.

i got bored earlier and started playing around on cap geek. hadn't noticed before that doughty has a $7 mill cap hit in LA until '19. he must love the city and the money...b/c they're going to lose interest in the team v. quickly.

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