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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
What you don't seem to realize is owners of businesses are responsible for running that business effectively in order to make money. The NHL has left so much money on the table because of poor business decisions, both the league and teams, that have cost the players a lot of money. The NHL let the play in the league deteriorate for 10+ years, to the point where one of its biggest stars ever retired because of it and even huge fans didn't want to watch it. How much money is that costing players right now?

How much more money would both sides make if they had built the arena in the right city in Arizona?

How much money would both sides make if Columbus could have hired one good hockey man to run that side of their business in their existence?

How much money could both sides have made if Florida had made the playoffs more than 3 of the 18 seasons they've played?

etc, etc, etc

It's not up to the players to make the NHL money, that's what the suits are for.
How much more money they could have had under different scenarios is questionable, and rather irrelevant because it's not there anyway. Both owners and players agreed that expanding the league into those types of places was important, and one of the NHLPA's members is a loud voice for keeping a team in Phoenix.

Phoenix is a huge place. Columbus has a lot more problems than just bad GMs. And if Florida had made the playoffs, the league actually probably would have had less revenue, since that would have taken away playoff revenue from another team that makes more money. It's not the league's job to make sure certain teams win.

If we didn't get these teams, then we probably get no teams, and the NHLPA loses jobs and money.

Having teams in these places isn't really hurting the players anyway. It's helping them. The owners have been footing the losses and increased transportation costs to increase the revenue pie resulting in more money for the players.

[MOD] how would not having these teams have altered the TV contract?

I'm not sure what you're talking about in reference to deteriorating play.

Yes, the "suits" are in charge of making sure the business can be profitable. And that is exactly what they are trying to do and exactly what the NHLPA is blocking. You increase profits by increasing revenue or cutting costs. Revenue has already been growing substantially, and there is not much more that they can do, so you need to cut costs (which have also been rising), at least down to the established industry standard.

Players are the only substantial costs you can cut.

You can maybe point to business decisions for certain individual teams as part of their struggles. But the league is not in financial stress because of business decisions. It is because of the system.

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