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11-15-2012, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
I don't disagree with you about Sidney's abilities. He is the best of the bunch. But is he's last 80 games considered his prime/peak or anomaly? It is hard to say since he has not been able to play. This far what has happened Ovechkin has the highest prime (in a sense most people here think prime is, 3-5 years of players best seasons).

Crosby has the highest performance level at their best. But it has only been for about half/1 season. I would not call it a prime, more like a peak.

If someone picks Crosby i will not blame them, or even Malkin for that matter. But my definition of prime is 3-5 best years player has had. Not necessary in a row, but in his career. So off years are acceptable. With that definition i find it hard to lift Crosby higher than Ovechkin. The value of Ovechkin's first 5 years is higher than Crosby's best 3-5 years.
crosby's never had a season where he's been below (or even been close to) ppg. when he's been there he's never been anything other than a game changer (and a big producer). another hit to the head and i think he's going to have to call it a career...but as he's played (even in reduced seasons) i still think he's been consistently the best player in the NHL since he went pro. he's never had a "bad year" - and injured year, but not a year where he played poorly.

after crosby - i'd probably put geno in front of ovi - not just b/c of his more recent play, but b/c i think even if ovi bounces back (which i think he will - although i was more confident about that before the lockout) i think geno's more motivated (immediately and consistently) than ovi.

...and, again, i'm not a crosby superfan or anything. i love him for the "golden goal" but nhl-wise i like malkin and probably ovechkin more than crosby...i also really enjoyed crosby having his '12 playoffs end in the 1st round

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