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11-15-2012, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
We could also possibly trade up into the bottom of the 1st round with ours and Chicago's 2nd's. The 2nd round compensation (Leveille) can't be traded though, because of restrictions on it. I wouldn't mind adding better quality talent in the 1st round, as opposed to hanging onto all our 2nd rounders and grabbing more prospects.

Winnipeg 2nd
Chicago 2nd


1st in the 20's

This would of course depend on where those 2nd rounders fell related to talent available.
To me, my priorities go (skip down a step if tied):
1) BPA
2) Top end skill (we have a lot of bottom6 guys but need more top6 skill guys)
3) Organizational needs (RW and LD and maybe another top6 C to not put eggs in one basket)

If we need to trade up for those, lets do it... but if we can be bright with those 2nd picks we may even score better.

The organization has done well picking guys that fell to third or fourth rounds but were expected to go much higher originally and fell due to "shiny new toy" end of the season risers pushing them aside (examples: Kosmachuk, Lowry, Telegin and Olsen were all considered late 1st-mid 2nd rounders at mid-season). If we could catch some early-mid 1st rounders that fall instead of taking a chance on a "shiny new toy" *cough* Sutter *cough* I don't think a trade up is needed... but may help!

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