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Originally Posted by Luuuongo View Post
I'm a Baseball newb. Are Jays at the Yankee level yet? Or just contenders?
To be quite honest with you, the Yankees are more of a name brand right now.
They are still good, and should contend, but the team is aging fast, and they do have holes throughout the lineup and rotation.
They are no longer the automatic champions of the past.

Originally Posted by PG Canuck View Post
People are now labelling the Jays as playoff contenders, but we were suppose to make noise this year as well I believe, and that didn't go well. Practically, I'll believe we're playoff contenders once we actually make the playoffs, and potentially make some noise there too. Jays can compete with their division now, and possibly win it if everyone stays healthy and performs.
As PG says.
Baseball playoffs are very difficult to break into.
A team plays 162 games, and only the 5 teams with the best records in each league (American league, where the Jays are in, and the National League) gets into it.
The Jays have a good shot at the playoffs, but it is far from a sure thing.
Everything depends on health, and if everyone plays to their potential.
Still, from the look of things, the bullpen looks good, the lineup looks a lot better, and the rotation looks pretty good on paper.
Best of all, there are some depth on the bench.

Last year, people got excited because there is an extra wild card spot.
The optimism is really from the media, because the Jays had a very good farm system.
However, after the team lost 3 out of 5 starting pitchers in a week in July, their depth got exposed and the season was basically lost.
People like to say that injuries should not be blamed, but no team can survive when 60% of the starting rotation is injured.

Originally Posted by Lucbourdon View Post
We need a Left outfielder.
Probably both to be honest with you.
But 2B is so thin in free agency, and they signed a 2B in free agency (Izturis), and got one (Bonifacio) who can play the position, so I would not be surprised if they stay put.

People floated the idea of Gose in center and Rasmus in left, which is possible, but Gose really needs to learn how to hit.
I think he is not quite ready yet.
Luckily they have pieces to trade, and there are some serviceable ones in free agency.

But I think the biggest need is 1B/ DH.
There are no internal options.
Lind is done, and I do not want to see Buck or Arencibia there.
I think this is what AA pursues now.

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