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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
They lack leadership and vision at the top, are being held back by archaic thinking, they are reactionary instead of progressive and they treat their employees and customers poorly.

Owners don't sign deals, they hire people to sign deals, or at least they should.

Grinding your employees is not the only way to increase profit, the NHL just isn't smart enough to figure how else to do it.
You mean like closing the biggest TV deal the league has had in its existence? Or how about the canadien TV deal that is coming up?

I do not agree the NHL has a lack of vision. To attrack smart owners you need a good leadership and a good CBA.

The league has been ready to negociate long ago but the NHLPA has had other plans. Thet are not negociating for the fans or for the game... They want as much miney they can get, even if it sinks the league because THEY have no vision. ( which is normal when your main skill is to play hockey)

BTW, the NHL is, to a point, doing this progressivly. The started with a cap and now the are adjusting it to a decent level in order to generate some profit by more then a handfull of teams.

In order for the league to be running, it is normal to put in place a CBA that enables at least 25 teams to make some profit.

Toi many teams you might say?

The number of teams is related to the TV deals. If you cut teams, you cut jobs and you cut revenues. If the league is doing everything it can to maintain PHO, it probably has something to do with the TV deals.

Baseball does not have a giod business model that is also good for the fans since itsvalways the same teams that win. So yes, the NHL is actually doing this with the fans in the equasion. Otherwise, they would copy baseball on don't guve a crap about the fact that a handfull of teams can only win. THIS was one of the reasons for a cap in the first place. Otherwise revenu sharing is enough.

Players need to take the deal and give the game back to the fans.

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