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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
That doesn't even support what you said, and is negligible.
I didn't say anything; I just posted studies what I found.

Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
First, why is this only looking at elite players?
It wasn't, at least first study said

I looked at all NHL players born 1962-79
Second, this is out of date, and done during a terrible time period for any analytics.
Arguable, but not aware of anything newer.

Third, why are you only looking at goals? These things called playmakers exist.
I'm not. First study was about points.

Fourth, that data suggests that the current setup would see them get paid the most. Best season the year before payday.
Yeah, I find that kind of odd because in many cases when players hit UFA, they have already had their best seasons, and are paid what they achieved during those seasons.

But it doesn't matter I guess if one GM doesn't pay the money, some other will-

Fifth, who cares if a couple of the older people had a better season in the past, largely as a result of who they played with at the time (and increased league scoring out of the lockout)? Going PPG or placing top-20 means you didn't drop off a cliff as claimed.
Idk, just thought pointing out. Those were just examples.

And if we look at the season after lockout, many guys have fallen off the cliff since, as they have gotten older. Or at least declined.

Staal had 100 points, was 21 at the time. He's declined a little, point wise. Was still what 21st in scoring with 70 points. Some of that can be attributed to decline in league scoring, some to that he's team isn't as strong.

Ovy was third in scoring; this season 37th. That can be attributed to numerous things which would deserve it's own thread (1500 threads in HfBoards, obviously).

Heatley was fourth with 103 points, age 25; this season 81st with 53 points.

Cheechoo was 26 when he won Richard that year but he's declines biggest reason is probably that knee injury (?).

Gionta was in top-20 that year and turned 27 that season. He was over ppg and hasn't come close to that since.

I think you said players enter their prime at 27 and it lasts 5 years or so, I'm just saying that I think it happens earlier, for most players. At least point/scoring wise.

It varies of course, there are anomalies to both directions. But many players seem to have their best season before they hit UFA; not after.

I agree that most players don't fell off the cliff when they turn 27 or aren't washed up when they are in their 30s, just that most players have their best years around ages 22-26.

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