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11-15-2012, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
I get this, but now we are going circles. Crosby, at his best is the best player. So we do agree on that.

But the question in this poll is not about the best player, it is about the best prime. Would you really consider Crosby's first 5 years in the league better than Ovechkin's? Cause that is basically what is comes down to. I know that i can't.

Forsberg had better prime than Selanne and he is clearly the better player between the two. But Selanne possess a career value that is much higher than Forsberg's. It is not all about the abilities, the actual progress has to count for something.

For the first 5 years Ovechkin and Crosby had basically identical PPG but Ovechkin had much higher GPG. By the end of his fifth year Ovechkin had 5x 1st all-star selections. 2x Hart Trophy, 2x Rocket, Calder, 3x Lindsay, Art Ross and NHL record of goals scored by LW.

I have no idea how does Crosby pull ahead of this?

Is Crosby better than Ovechkin? Yes.
Has he done better than Ovechkin? No.

Now, if you just honestly think that Crosby has been better than Ovechkin for 3-5 year's then fine. But i don't see it.
1st 5 years? yeah, i would. ovechkin was the better goal scorer - but i don't think ovechkin's superior goal scoring ability equates to him being the better player. i find crosby's skill set more dynamic than ovechkin's - ovechkin is amazing at find all sorts of ways to score goals - but after that he's pretty lost (relative to crosby). crosby is more effective at "making things happen" than ovechkin - and i'm going back to their 1st 5 yrs.

that doesn't for that time span i'd say it's always crosby over ovechkin - depending on the team make up, ovechkin's goal scoring ability might be more valuable - but i would still say that crosby was the more versatile player and, in an over all sense, that's why i'd say he was the better player.

in any event, it's kind of a bizarr-o debate...just insofar as we're not comparing a hall of famer with a beer league guy or anything like that. to the extent you pick one over the other - you're picking who's #1a and who's #1b.

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