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11-15-2012, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by cleangene View Post
Thank you for the wonderful recap. Best wishes and STAY HEALTHY, Kleiner. The fact he's making this move DOES NOT bode well for any type of hope from the buffoons working out that stupid b.s. contract thing, I guess.
Thank you and no problem

Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
Thanks for the photos and story! It is the best thing that I have read in the last week.
Thanks!/05:16 Here a little news report with him on ice. Starts at 5:15

Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Nice pictures!

Kleiner is definetly a good guy. Very humble and soft-spoken. Let's his play do the talking. Nothing against him as a person, for sure.

As far as a player, he certainly is more of a defensive D in the NHL, but I'm not sure if his offense will get a big boost playing in a different league. Hope he does well for you! Really turned a corner in the DET series in my opinion.
Hmm the Danish league is not super, but it aint that bad skillwise.. It was obvious during practice that he has his streanghts in the defensive part of the game.

but his shot alone is going to get him a few goals and even more rebound assists
Colin Greening of the Sens is also in the Danish league atm.

He has 3g 2a in 4games.

Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
I think he'll do pretty well for himself offensively in Denmark. His game is really suited to the larger surface. Positionally sound, great skater, good puck handler (though not a great puck distributor), and a really good wrist shot, especially compared to his peers on the blue line.

I don't know if it's fair to expect point-per-game production from a defenseman stepping down a couple of levels, but AHL flame-out Jordan Smotherman put up 1.5 points per game and led the league in scoring last year, so Klein should see his offense spike. Who knows, maybe he can build some good habits in a different environment that help him when he comes back to Nashville? It worked for Scott Hartnell playing in Norway...

Hmm I would actually expect him to put up atleast an assist per game, the level is not that high defensively.. while the offense in the league is OK.

Jordan did well for him self last year on crap team.. A team that is doing very bad this year again. But the league has taken a step up this year imo.

Ill try to keep ou guys updated. We have a local derby on Saturday against our biggest competitor. A game where it's always full and loud and also sad to say with alot of hooliganism.. But such a high profile game would be awesome for him.

Furthermore Herlev's track record against this team the last 10 games is very bad...

Hope the paperwork turns out before this..

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