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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Could anyone explain to be why people are pro-Palestine? I don't have a side to this, but to me, it seems as though Israel is just retaliating against Palestinian attacks, yet there are so many people, and that number increases, who support palestine and hate Israel and if anyone has any links I could check out, that would be awesome.
Well.. the problem is that these people are there. They are numerous, and live in ****** situation under the heel of Israel.

They cannot move out; the other arab nations don't want them. They cannot build an economy; Israeli is blockading them. Israeli settlers keep moving in their territory (usually the most fertile lands) and keep forcing them to relocate through soft measures and harassment, if not outright violence.

Now, the Palestinians aren't going anywhere. And the only solution Israel seems to have for the problem is further bombing them, do you think it will help solve the problem? If you have some Palestinian leaders who tries to strike a deal with the Israeli government, how do you think they look in the eye of their people when Israel suddenly decides to break the agreement because of a splinter group did something bad?

In the current state of political affairs in Palestine, trying to make peace with Israel is looked upon as hopelessly naive, even dangerous. Israel has done nothing to earn the trust of the Palestinian people on any level.

Now, do you seriously think the recent assassination of Hamas leaders will actually lead us closer to a peace settlement? Off course not. It is simply one more act of violence, one that leads us no closer to any end-of-crisis solution.

Israel is the one with the power to end this, but it needs to make political consessions. It is sadly impossible due to the way their electoral system works, which is completely dysfunctional (proportional representation is truly a nightmare).

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