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11-15-2012, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by AllByDesign View Post
Just a quick observation here, folks.

I have notices many statements regarding the efforts of council pushing a new lease deal before the newly elected members can have their say.

I can't agree with this. I understand the logic. I really do. I see a different picture, though.

The current council was elected to serve their full term. This doesn't mean that they pack their bags if not re-elected. They finish the job they started.

Regardless of how misguided we may feel current council is, it would be un-ethical to pack it in, and wait for the new council to come aboard in 2013 to deal with today's business.

I'm not a Clark fan, but it is her job to try and clean up as much old business as possible before the new blood comes in.

My opinion may not be popular, but it isn't off point.
You are right technically right up to a point, but by convention, especially in a case where a majority of council is new members you don't saddle the new council with decisions and obligations that they may have no ability to overturn or correct. It is one thing for outgoing councillors to continue represent their constituents over minor things like noise complaints and the need for stop signs and such, but it would be unethical for a lame duck council not to table all the important business till the new council can look at it.

The old council has lost its mandate, and they're in a period of transition. The old councillors are supposed to be assisting the new councillors with getting up to speed on their duties, not stabbing them in the back.

There is nothing going on that can't keep for a couple of months, my feeling is that everything is going to get tabled....

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