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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Okay, add a million each to Getzlaf, Gunnarsson, and Bozak. Take a million off Macarthur. Still fits.

Regardless, the cap can almost always be figured out after the fact. Getzlaf/Luongo is not either/or due to cap space. That's ridiculous.
#1. A million isn't enough.
#2. Still no space for Lupul.
#3. Still not enough cap space.

Originally Posted by LuckyLager View Post
No guarantees of Reimer's success, yet you have no issues comparing him to Quick?
I'm comparing him to Quick like I'm comparing Luongo to Brodeur.... neither are fair comparisons. The point is, a team with a young star goalie (something Reimer certainly has the potential to be) is a lot more attractive than an aging star goalie. The risk associated with Reimer is what makes the Leafs willing to even talk about trading for Luongo, but when you're looking at committing to a huge contract as well, the price we're willing to pay in terms of assets stops short of young core players.

Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
So outside of Kessel, Gardiner Phaneuf, and Reilly how many players from the current roster will be contributing members even in 3 years time?

Maybe Lupul signs an extension, maybe Kadri develops properly. Maybe JVR becomes a legit top line guy.

Luongo has more impact on the Leafs roster for the next 5 years that isnt Kessel, Reilly or Gardiner.
Nobody can say that with any sort of accuracy.. but you keep your young guys until you don't need them anymore. Right now, we need guys like Kulemin, JvR, Bozak, etc.

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
If all offers are low, then Luongo will be traded to FLA before TO is of any concern. Soft deal = FLA, and no one else.

You mean what do FLA _fans_ offer? Or what are TO _fans_ willing to offer? The fact is that Burke doesn't know what Tallon's offer is, or will be. In the real world. So how does he adjust to the market? What is the market? Does every GM know what the other is offering??
Luongo will be traded to the team that gives the best offer to the Canucks. There's no difference between Florida and Toronto beyond the packages offered.

This is all fans in here.... and there seems to be only fans of one team interested.

Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
I posed this question a few threads back, but...

If the leafs had Luongo and Schneider, and the Canucks biggest weakness was goaltending,
- What package would you give up as a Canucks fan for Luongo?

Obviously a hypothetical, but just an interesting way to look at his perceived value.
The problem with doing that is (beyond the fact that Canucks fans are going to overrate Luongo and underrate Reimer) is that Vancouver is a team with an immediate outlook. They don't have to care nearly as much about the long term impacts of committing their #1 job to a 33 year old goaltender for the rest of his career.

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