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11-15-2012, 06:32 AM
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Spits vs Saginaw Tonight

Tonight's game will be made more interesting for a couple of reasons.

The GM and Coach called out the team for their poor play in the press, threatened to move out some of the players and then backed off when they discovered that the players they wanted to trade were not valued as highly by other teams as they thought.

How will this affect the team? Probably not a hell of a lot. You can threaten the players and plead with them up to a certain point but after that point you're talking to deaf ears, especially if there is a lack of talent and/or desire. However once you've threatened to move them and don't follow through you, like the little boy who cried wolf once too often, can expect a bite in the ass. In some cases there will be players who would actually love to get a ticket out of town and are disappointed that they are stuck on a team that at this point is circling the drain hole. Their indifferent play will show it.

How will the threats by management and lack of action affect the fans? It will have an effect and tonight's attendance will probably flirt with dropping under 5,000.

As a season ticket holder I'm finding that so far this year the crowd seems to be sitting on their collective hands to a great extent as if they're waiting for something to happen and not urging the team to do better. Of course a goal creates a buzz for a bit, as does Sieloff when he opens the bomb bay doors and belts someone, but all in all, despite the urging of the scoreboard, the crowd is passive.

After playing last night Saginaw should be ripe for the picking but of course this is the OHL and anything can and probably will happen. Lets hope the Spits don't lay an egg in this one because this thing could get very ugly quickly.

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