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11-15-2012, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
So YOU made some comments that were poorly worded (being very generous here) and I was supposed to GUESS that you meant the opposite?? And apparently it's not YOUR problem that I'm not a mind reader and that I 'mistook' your writing?

Yeah, you're going to be waiting a VERY long time for an apology. LOL. YOU make mistakes and I'm supposed to apologize. Awesome!! You sound like my pregnant wife!

Oh and by-the-by, your next statement is ALSO inaccurate. If you talk to anyone who loves to READ about hockey (instead of actually watching the games) and follow "advanced statistics" they'll tell you that Hejda actually played against the tougher competition:

Not that I take much stock in those silly stats, I prefer to watch the games and form and opinion based on what I see. However, to say that Hejda didn't face the opponent's toughest competition is largely inaccurate.
I sound like your pregnant wife?
Stop upsetting her, your life will be much easier

On topic:-
So, from someone who "reads" about hockey and watches it, are you actually saying Hejda had a good year? Honestly, I disagree with that entirely. I bet if you asked Jan, "do you think you played to the best of your ability last season?", what do you reckon he'd reply with?

I've watched each game (including the losses) twice, and sometimes (Nov 30, Mar 03, Feb 24 and a few others three times), and what I saw with Hejda wasn't pretty. Wasn't pretty at all.

I was actually more impressed with Hunwick's improvement to be honest.

On a side note: Deftone's new album - outSTANDING ! Best workout album since Biffy Clyro.

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