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11-15-2012, 07:05 AM
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I enjoyed the article, big Naomi Klein fan and loved the reference.

It's not poorly written, it's conversational. I actually think it flows just fine.

Front to back it all feels like a small-bore variation on Naomi Klein's "disaster capitalism," in which every negotiation must now be framed ideologically and as part of the never-ending emergency of our national economy. The media sell the cliffhanger because cliffhanger is what sells. Whatever happened to sitting in a room and talking about solutions? To polite discussion? To cool reason? To mutualism? Maybe serve a little coffee, a little slice of sponge cake.

Nope. It's all deathmetal and antagonism now. Grrrrr.

And in the whole, long history of disasters and capitalism, has there ever been a bigger disaster than the National Hockey League or its mortician, Gary Bettman? The decommissioner has managed in just 20 years to make the league invisible. An afterthought. An unfunny punch line to a joke no one recalls. By his own accounting, the league is poised on the brink of insolvency. Again. Still. A constant invalid.
I don't know how to disagree with any of this.

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