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11-15-2012, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
No one can defend that. I haven't heard anyone try. Lemelin's goalie gear left out in the hallway? Com'on. My only contention is; early 90's could have been a bit different w/ a healthy Neely.

Ray Bourque to arbitration? Ouch. I'd love to know if it was Sinden, or JJ in the background, who made some of these decisions, it wasn't Harry's coin. But, we probably never will.

Glad that's the past.

Why it's hard to hear people today complain a/b Chiarelli or Neely. Or show a lack of appreciation for a regime that's retaining it's players, and absolutely changed the culture in Boston.
I "think" many who do complain about Chia and Cam are quite likely younger fans, those who may not have been around to have witnessed the dysfunction some of us were forced to witness. I`m sure Harry was carrying out many of the orders JJ gave him but truth is, he seemed to do so seemlessly, almost like he quite enjoyed that sort of thing, hardly something JJ had to teach him

Just glad those days are in the past

Chia`s moves aren`t perfect, and a Cup win does not equal free passes when it comes to criticism and I`ve had a few about his moves too, but the manner in which, based on reports, he treats players, is nothing short of fair and respectful.

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