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11-15-2012, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by njdevsfn95 View Post
In the end, it is all about winning and Marty has done that more than anyone else. Unfortunately he doesnt have as many win in the postseason as Roy but its funny how he gets all the credit for his wins yet Brodeur's are all the "system."
I think we've started to get away from that argument now, thankfully. People are starting to recognise that Marty is still winning games, despite not having those Hall of Fame defencemen for years now.

Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
It amazes me the people who still think we play the trap. Not just fans, but players, and coaches. This is ignorant, and they have no business saying that. Aside from Lemaire when have we played the trap since the last lockout? Robinson's, and Julien's were not traps. They were half assed. Sutter was not a trapping system, but in interviews before games coaches, and players when asked the key of beating the Devils would say ''We gotta get through that trap''

I think Pacioretty or someone said that this year too. I remember some assistant coach of some team saying it as recent as this last season too. Scout our team when you're prepping a little better jackasses. Maybe it's the fact we're still one of the least shots against team in the league?
Part of the reason we're one of the best teams for shots against is the arena statistician, who undercounts shots like Lou pays him to do it.

I think it's lazy media announcers who perpetuate the trap myth. Pierre McGuire has figured it out by now, but he's one of the few. You still hear clowns like Errey and Steigerwald in Pittsburgh who are busy telling their audiences that the Devils still play the trap. And there are enough people who don't know better, who believe them.

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