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11-15-2012, 07:40 AM
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I wish I was making this **** up.

Move over Yakupov, Ovechkin, Crosby. Coming soon to a city near you(no, already here) Superstar researchers worth 10M. Elitist U. Federal govts can fund this crap, but look out university tuition..

A European scientist widely described as a “superstar” when he was lured to Edmonton with $10 million from the federal government has aborted his Canadian experiment.
After just seven months at the University of Alberta, Patrik Rorsman returned to Oxford, England, forfeiting his $10-million Canada Excellence Research Chair.

Rorsman was one of 19 foreign men awarded lucrative deals at Canadian universities in 2010 as part of a $190-million Canada Excellence Research Chair program, the federal government’s ambitious science talent drive.
It gets better. We gotta throw a Nylander Stepford Wife in here:

But he said the deal-breaker was the way the U of A treated his wife, who had initially planned to move to Edmonton, leaving their children, aged 16 to 22, and aging parents behind.

His wife works in administration at Oxford, and Rorsman said she was offered a good position in Edmonton. But she was told she could only have two weeks vacation a year. She asked for 11 more days without pay. “Unfortunately, the university was not very flexible on that score,” he said.

As her negotiations dragged on, Rorsman headed to Edmonton in February 2011. In the end, his wife decided not to move.
Wait, let me get this, your husband is awarded a 10M buck contract. relocation expenses, guaranteed job for wife, jobs for his staff, favorite secretaries.. and the deal breaker is not having MORE than two weeks paid holiday for his wife? Thats the deal breaker?!?

I'm speechless here. I keep looking at the calendar and its not April 1st.

But anyway, nice that the federal govt, that doesn't fund arenas for superstar hockey athletes has found a new superstar club to drop 200M on. your hard paid taxes at work for you. I'm sure it takes 10M buck researchers to further study these days. God how did any medical science or cures ever get done in the old days. Love or money? Looks like money winning everytime out. Who needs periodicals and published research when you have superstars and fame. Couple probably looks like the Beckhams..

Stay the **** at Oxford. We're good without you. Who dreams this **** up?

This article just keeps on giving:

Michele Boutin, executive director of the program, said the universities have in effect been given “hunting licences” to go and find “rock star” scientists to fill the positions, each of which will receive up to $10 million over seven years from the federal government. The government says the grants are among the most prestigious and generous in the world.
"rock star" scientists. These people are nuts. As far as the bolded, yeah, I'm not surprised. We have no fiscal accountability here.

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