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11-15-2012, 07:51 AM
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I just nearly had a baseball bat altercation with some ********* in a Mercedes on 80. tried to ride the shoulder to avoid the traffic. he did it once, and the second time he went for it, I moved so I was half in my lane and half in the shoulder. so he would have to wait behind me, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. we got off at the same exit, so at that point I had the bat on my lap, switchblade engaged. then he suddenly turns to an off-street, and when I pass him he threw something at the passenger side door. I guess we were both dicks in that situation..but the people who do that make everyone driving correctly wait even LONGER.

while I was stopped 1/2way into the shoulder, I made sure to flip him off constantly and sing the trollolololol song.

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