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11-15-2012, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
I hate what Reed has done with this football team and I hate it even more that he holds himself in such high regard that he cannot admit that he was flatout wrong and unprepeared for a playoff game.

There is such a thing as being confident but it borders on arrogance with him. I wish I could comment more on the game but from everything I've read the players were disappointed in the starting QB, Charles got shafted and the fact that there was no pressure on a QB that hates being moved out of the pocket is disgraceful. Reed coached RR and should have known his tendancies.

When you get the **** kicked out of you in a game, there is nothing to say other than, "We were unprepared and we brutal."

All this crap about being proud has worn thin with me. That was not an Eskimo team on the field on Sunday and if anyone, including Reed, thinks it was, we are in a boatload of trouble.
I have the game recorded on PVR and Charles was clearly fuming. After ripping a big gainer on one play he comes back to the huddle obviously gesturing for the club to use him. He's incensed at not getting the ball. Not the first time this has occurred. No doubt Stamps had similar misgivings. National TV half a dozen times asking what happened to Charles. Injured? no. Stupidity at work? yes.

I really haven't met many CFL players that are happy to play on a club without a clue how to develop or implement an effective game plan or use its go to players properly. Or that don't note theres no kicker on the field in a punting situation. Or that the Center can't snap, can't block, and is playing no contact rules. Or that several times this year RB's have gone wrongside to receive the handoff. Or that our line coverage is so bad that the opposition blitzes clean in an instant, and other pressure is still there to intercept a shovel pass. If the offensive line was invisible that would be hard enough to do.

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