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11-15-2012, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by AllByDesign View Post
Just a quick observation here, folks. I have notices many statements regarding the efforts of council pushing a new lease deal before the newly elected members can have their say. I can't agree with this. I understand the logic. I really do. I see a different picture, though. The current council was elected to serve their full term. This doesn't mean that they pack their bags if not re-elected. They finish the job they started. Regardless of how misguided we may feel current council is, it would be un-ethical to pack it in, and wait for the new council to come aboard in 2013 to deal with today's business. I'm not a Clark fan, but it is her job to try and clean up as much old business as possible before the new blood comes in.
My opinion may not be popular, but it isn't off point.
You're totally on point and I agree with everything you said. The complete failure of fiduciary duty here is approving a contract prior to resolving GF balance and inappropriate fund transfer issues. The city received an audit showing their former City Manager cooked the books in what appears to be a crude (and likely criminal) version of a ponzi scheme. They don't know what their true GF balance is. Might want to get that sorted out before you sign off on any more contracts, particularly one for 1/3 billion dollars in additional liability that was primarily negotiated by that former City Manager. Regardless of whether they are reelected, retiring, etc, the approach in Glendale is rather unique. A competent council would be cleaning up old business. And there is no bigger spill than the fund fraud.

Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
Mr. Jones is in fantasy land.
Well, yeah, he is in Glendale; the fantasy kingdom built by the council rubes who stubbornly throw millions at a non viable hockey entertainment business and wonder why their deficit keeps growing.

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