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11-15-2012, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by jjricco8 View Post
When I renewed the ticket, IN MARCH, there was no guarantee that the season would be delayed, or possibly lost. I knew there was a possibility but to keep the same price for the seats, I chose to renew. Yes the season is not cancelled, but there are no games scheduled and no hockey is on the horizon. I am lucky it is only a partial plan so we are only talking $1550. Regardless of the amount, there is no product and I should receive a refund. 4 games on my plan already passed yet no partial refund.

For all you Monday morning QB's who knew 100% that there was going to be a lockout, what is exact date that the two side will come to an agreement which will end the lockout?
You are missing the whole point here. You should not have bought anything untill you new there was going to be hockey 100 percent. I am sure the reps were telling you everything under the sun that there was going to be hockey. And by the way 1550 for a partial plan is way over priced. Ware are your seats I hope someware on the bench of that price. You could get season tixxs for the price. And yes I am talking about 2 seats for that price. You also must have money to burn to spend a dime on this crap that we call a team.

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