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11-15-2012, 08:17 AM
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could someone please explain to me a little about vancouvers cap situation.

people on here and gillis as well seem to keep repeating that if an agreement cant be made where something of significant value is offered for luongo then vancouver is content to keep both luongo and schneider.

luongo's cap hit is $5.3 million and schneider's is $4 million.

according to cap geek, the cap hit for next season is going to be $70 million. for arguments sake lets say that it is. (i dont think it will be higher, from the sounds of things it could possibly be lower)

luongo + schneider = $9.3 million

sedin x 2 = 12.2
kesler = 5.4
booth = 4.25
burrows = 4.5
hansen = 1.35
kassian = 0.87

bieksa = 4.6
garrison = 4.6
hamhuis = 4.5
ballard =4.2

with the above players signed it is a total of apx. $57.57 committed to the cap with gillis needing to sign 5 forwards and 2 defenseman. assuming that the cap hit is in fact $70 million it would give you apx. $12.5 million to sign the remaining 7 players.

if your lineup is something like;

sedin (6.1) sedin (6.1) burrows (4.5)
booth (4.25) kesler (5.4) xxxxxx
kassian (0.87) xxxxxxx hansen (1.35)
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

bieksa (4.6) hamhuis (4.6)
garrison (4.6) xxxxxxx
ballard (4.2) xxxxxxx

schneider (4)
luongo (5.3)

i cant imagine you guys would let edler walk away. i thought he was a very decent defenseman? if he was making $3.25 million on his expiring contract id think it would cost at least $4 million to keep him assuming he signs for that. you will obviously resign tanev as well. assuming his cap hit stays the same at $0.9 your at $7.6 million to sign 5 forwards. on the budget side it could cost $2.5 million for a 4th line leaving around $ 5 million for a second line winger and a 3rd line center. it obviously possible to make it work but things will be VERY tight under the cap.

i guess my question is how is luongo not considered a cap dump? its not like he would be the first quality player to get moved for poor value in order to redistribute cap space?

hypothetically, would vancouver not be better off trying to force a team to take both luongo and ballard and take a lesser return in exchange for the cap space.

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