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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
When a good claim can be made that a goalie needed the playoffs to be a Top-3 goaltender in two distinct eras, that does not make him a Top-12 goaltender.
I agree.

On the other hand, Durnan being out due to the era he played in pose a serious problem. Looks like he actually lost "points" for actually playing hockey.
Durnan isn't out due to era alone. As I said last night in the voting thread, he played only 5 meaningful seasons in the NHL. It was not convincingly shown that he was ahead of Brimsek for any more than a year or two of that. When he left, it wasn't due to external circumstance but personal choice. What are we to do with a guy who has 5 seasons and a heavily team-influenced portfolio? Vote him in over guys who played longer, against tougher competition, and were regarded as decisively the best of their era?

The only way I could see Durnan making it here would be to displace Gardiner, who might have had a more critical examination if we weren't so tied up with the 5 other pre-1950s candidates. The evidence presented for Gardiner was very strong, but I'd listen if someone can show we made a mistake with him.

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