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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
Sorry McSorely threatened Bettman after Bettman called players "labor". Apparently hockey players arent labor.

Reality will hit home when the NHL files the same papers, pre-approved, they were about to file when saskin broke.
League re-organizes to central command and central contracting.
Contracts evaporate. (they dont exist anyways without a CBA and the players should have been made aware that their contracts dont mean squat after sept. 15 2012 nor are they entitled to anything other than what their contract is worth under the successor agreement.) how dumb are these players. even my nephew knows this.
Everyone becomes a UFA. But the league centrally controls, so any player looking at coming back will be put on the same team they were on before .
No more guaranteed contracts.
No revenue based Cap... but there WILL be a cap that pays out about 35% (average businesses labor costs)
Cap will not change unless owners view it as self-serving.

Players dont think they are cattle? I hope the re-branded NHL puts cows in jerseys for their first game back. I will throw all my money at them that i can...spend vacation money on it. I want the players to see real life.

Cancel the season and get going on that paperwork Mr. Bettman. The cows need to be made into the beef for my burger. MMMMmmmmm delicious burger.

Players are correct though. The great majority of them cant do anything else. So lets get that meat grinder going gary.
Get rid of the name badges too. ive never been the type to care who the discardable cow is.

NHL will still give the best players in the world the best pay of any pro hockey league and the safety and perks. just not a cent more.

Lets also be clear that just about every hockey insider is saying; after the friday night fiasco involving Fehr the owners are pushing to move on and terminate the season. Bettman cant officially do that but its clear their last offer will be the best the PA ever gets and Bettman will just take the time necessary to give the legal courts the safety net of illusionary wait time before declaring re-structuring and possible legal impasse.
in legal memo list all the PA statements that go against capitalism and negotiating. "They(owners) need to go out and make the money to pay for that (our raises)." -fehr - owners work for the players. Jackpot quote for NHL. "the players will not back down" - Fehr, Crosby, that imbecile Jonathon Toewes. thus they arent interested at all in negotiating. Done as dinner. Many others but thats all you need. MLB will be behind it and their trillion dollars, NFL and their trillion, NBA and their interests... politicians judges. Its commie red versus a capitalist company that was offering 50/50 to labor. "Well thats more than Uncle sam asks you to give and those fools spit in your hand". done.

The thing everyone misses, well theres many things like people ignorantly adopting the idea that a contract signed under a cap system is guaranteed value...never mind its terms will be held to the labor agreement its played under and thus salve to any successor agreement (thus they arent guaranteed anything but a job which will soon be taken away by this coming spring), is that the NHL isnt alone. The NHL got the first hard cap and they didnt do it alone. They are being supported by the juggernauts of leagues... MLB, NFL and NBA are very interested in the outcome and they will see fit that the NHL paves new ground for them. And from those MLB and NFL interests you have the politicians and legal powers that will make the next move by the NHL the easiest they have ever made.
Next up after that? monumental increase in franchise value. CHA CHING.

Thats right players. hold your ground like everyone, including bettman , knew you would. the NHL doesnt have to do anything more. They surprised everyone with how far they were willing to go to save the season and pay you cattle. Now the offer comes off the table - legal justification is the unknown of revenues being affected by the lost games. I like whats cooking.

Love it. See you next year.
can anyone elaborate on the part about the papers they were going to file when Saskin broke?

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