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11-15-2012, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
technically speaking (and which is why the "make-whole" is so far apart) current contracts extend for the next at least 10 seasons. so all of those contracts would remain separate is what the PA is saying?

linked cap for the duration of the CBA with more money kicked into the make whole, plus a sliding scale down to 50/50 AND a cap on escrow would be a reasonable solution in my eyes

the deal-breaker for the owners is the players want the guaranteed money. compromise is the conditions i posted above and i think would address players concerns
Isn't it true that over the next two seasons (including the one that's being discarded day by day) that 60% or so of contracts expire?

That means that the 10 yr circumventing deals could be easily absorbed into the 50/50 AS LONG AS REVENUE STAYS OR INCREASES. We all know the longer this goes on the less likelyhood there is of a rev increase (at least in the first season back, be it 60, 42 or a full season after a lost one), but eventually those salaries fit fine minus the normal escrow that would be held back like every other year.

The players are in this, it's partially their fault and as such should be held accountable to the rev decrease that this lockout (& eventual lost season) has produced. They both made their bed... Time to sleep in it.

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