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11-15-2012, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its a clear case of actions speaking louder than words. The actions of nearly every player on the field Sunday spoke that they're not exactly invested in saving any coaches. Who gives a crap about words? The performance just isn't there for this coaching staff. The entire team quit in the second quarter at some point. Which is disgusting and inexcusable in any playoff game. This is not playing for the coach. The players can say whatever they want. For sure I'll believe what I actually saw. A team with a very fragile confidence, that didn't believe in a gameplan, didn't get behind and stick with a gameplan, and wasn't focused enough or didn't care enough to execute a game plan. The team played one quarter of Football. Then layed down.

If this was boxing I'd say the fix was in and the players couldn't wait to hit the canvas, collect a payday, and get the hell out of dodge as quick as possible. If you think this team looked like a club playing for the coach and that earnestly wanted to continue on I don't know what you were watching.
Pretty much, rarely do players come out and say negative things about the team, especially considering they could very well have to play under Reed again next year.

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