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11-15-2012, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by AllByDesign View Post
Just a quick observation here, folks.

I have notices many statements regarding the efforts of council pushing a new lease deal before the newly elected members can have their say.

I can't agree with this. I understand the logic. I really do. I see a different picture, though.

The current council was elected to serve their full term. This doesn't mean that they pack their bags if not re-elected. They finish the job they started.

Regardless of how misguided we may feel current council is, it would be un-ethical to pack it in, and wait for the new council to come aboard in 2013 to deal with today's business.

I'm not a Clark fan, but it is her job to try and clean up as much old business as possible before the new blood comes in.

My opinion may not be popular, but it isn't off point.
In my view, it doesn't really matter what folks think about the ethics of a "midnight ordinance" to push through the Jamison lease. I think that the real issue is that if the objective is to actually conclude an agreement that keeps the Coyotes in Glendale such a political maneuver will almost certainly end up in disaster. So even if you think it is ethical, it remains an obviously doomed plan that could only result in a "Pyrrhic victory".

If there was no way of reversing their actions, then perhaps you could argue that they will accomplish something important before leaving office. However, the Jamison lease ordinance won't go into effect immediately. Moreover, the agreement has to be signed by the City, the "Arena Manager" and the "Team Owner" since it is a tripartite agreement. So, until the contract agreement is signed, I would think that it can be modified and even overturned by the incoming mayor and council. In that light, how stupid is Jamison to think that he will advance his cause by meeting separately with the "pro" council members, two of which will not be there in a few weeks, while sidelining the other council members and the new mayor?

Moreover, remember that this Jamison lease can be challenged through a petition for a referendum. As soon as someone takes out papers to mount a petition, it will grind the agreement process to a halt until either the petition is unsuccessful in gathering enough signatures, or the referendum is held and the Jamison lease is upheld. By rushing through with this lease, Jamison and his supporters in city council are annoying incoming council members and the new mayor, and blowing wind into the sails of folks that might start a petition. I would imagine that the business group that tried unsuccessfully to overturn the sales tax, or even city workers who see their jobs in jeopardy just might consider lending a hand to the petition.

What Jamison and the NHL (and I daresay the Coyotes' supporters) need to realize is that reality has already started to settle in to Glendale. They have massive financial problems, and are now going to have to deal with the nefarious financial practices of the former City Manager that could taint city council. Glendale can and will help Jamison and the NHL to run a franchise in Glendale through a very favorable lease, that would even include a healthy direct subsidy. But they missed their chance to execute a lease of the sort being demanded by Jamison now due to Jamison's delays in getting investors together. If this lease agreement is killed, as I think it will be, and the Coyotes are relocated, then blame Jamison and the NHL, not Glendale. Glendale has done more than could ever possibly be expected to try to keep the team there.

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