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11-15-2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by GregNYR19 View Post
its so bad for me that im numb. i checked every day for something new but ive already decided that we are going to lose the season so i am carrying on as if it were any offseason. while the thought of the letters "NHL" words: bettman, daly, fear, owners, players, no matter what context used in, makes my blood literally boil. im absolutely furious and disgusted. as a die hard hockey fan, its easy to say i will return once the puck is dropped but i hope the league suffers and feels the pain. my coping unfortunately has been just plain made with no outlet to vent. of all years, the year we finally have a shot.....that makes me the most mad. i assure everyone gary bettman will walk into NHL ice and the boos while the stanley cup is presented (whenever that is) will blow the roof off the place. and im excited for that
Life is too short to get so angry over things you have absolutely no control over. It definitely sucks...but we're all better off spending our time and energy on other things. I've stopped my routine of checking for updates several times a day. Heck, I'm even taking a break from the forums for a couple days at a time now. Focus on other things and it won't feel so bad.

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