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Originally Posted by Nerf27 View Post
Dude get over it. Petgrave is sloppy if you can't see that you are blind. Nobody said that he is nothing special. But there is a reason he isn't drafted. Good puck mover but makes sloppy plays. I am glad he is on the team but leave it at that.

This coming from someone who is listing Uvira as someone to watch...hmmmm?
The guy maybe a bit sloppy at times but hes a good defenseman. He played on an Owen Sound team that won OHL title. Just because hes a little sloppy here and there doesn't mean hes not a good player. You might be a little too young to know who Steve Thomas is but Stumpy went undrafted after his junior career and ended up playing 20 seasons in the NHL. So heres a player that doesn't get drafted but plays 20 seasons in the NHL. Dude, get your head out of your butt and try going to an Oshawa game and see what I'm talking about. You're making yourself look silly. By mocking Uvira makes it sound like you just go to the OHL website and check stats after each game.No points in a one game must mean the guys a bust

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