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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
Which makes his comments all the more disingenuous IMO.

If this is what he believes, why didn't he make these statements in 2004? Or in 1994?

Why didn't he speak up when Sergei Federov signed that ridiculous offer sheet with Carolina? Why didn't he speak up when Ilya Kovalchuk signed that joke of a contract?

Recchi has no skin in this game, and when he did, he didn't have the balls to speak up.

I just think it is real easy to throw stones into the fray when you aren't in it. And it shows a lack of respect for the guys actually going through it right now.
Wow, I honestly didn't think that you were being serious.

Recchi is talking about this CBA, not one 8 years ago, or 15 years ago. The league was not in a good shape then, it still isn't in a great shape now, but the direction is the right one.

This time around, the players are being offered a very lucrative deal, A deal that will see their salaries sky rocket regardless. Hell, a two year make whole deal has also been offered. This isn't just some organisation trying to squeeze every last penny out of it's employees, they are fighting to keep teams within the league.

I don't understand what Fehrs endgame is. Did he honestly believe losing half a season would be beneficial to the players? He's played his games, it's time to sign a deal. For the first time in an awfully long time, the coyotes are going to make a profit should there be no season. The owners can sit this one out quite easily.

The players can all keep coming back with "we would of played under the old CBA, the owners are clearly at fault for not letting us play", without realising that the old CBA was so player friendly it was crazy.

I could go on all day about this, but it looks like the pied piper has led the players into the river. I'm sure all the players will appreciate 0% of salary this year, for sticking it to the man, and fighting the fight of players down the line...........

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