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11-15-2012, 09:22 AM
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I sound like your pregnant wife?
Stop upsetting her, your life will be much easier

On topic:-
So, from someone who "reads" about hockey and watches it, are you actually saying Hejda had a good year? Honestly, I disagree with that entirely. I bet if you asked Jan, "do you think you played to the best of your ability last season?", what do you reckon he'd reply with?

I've watched each game (including the losses) twice, and sometimes (Nov 30, Mar 03, Feb 24 and a few others three times), and what I saw with Hejda wasn't pretty. Wasn't pretty at all.

I was actually more impressed with Hunwick's improvement to be honest.

On a side note: Deftone's new album - outSTANDING ! Best workout album since Biffy Clyro.
Well, to answer your question, here is my take on the whole Hejda situation:

I was happy they were able to sign him to be part of our top-4 because I remember that he was a pain to play against at times when he played for Columbus.

However, when the season started, he was paired up with EJ on the top pairing and it was a disaster. I dunno how much of that was from him, (for example: "Omg, I'm being used as a top pairing D-Man in the NHL!!! Don't freak out! You can do this, you can do this...omg, NO I CAN'T" <-example of his inner monologue) or the fact that he and EJ just didn't mesh well together. For whatever reason, it didn't work and he lost a lot of confidence because of that first couple of months of the season.

Then, iirc, Wilson was 'promoted' to play with EJ and Hejda was put on the mid-pairing, a place where he's more comfortable and he settled down and played better the rest of the way.

It really depends on your expectations. If you thought for some reason that Jan Hejda was going to 'turn-into' a top pairing d-man at age 32, then obviously you're not happy with what he was able to provide this past season for the Avs. My personal expectations with the Hejda signing was that we'd be getting a guy to play in our top-4, on his best day as our #3 guy but mostly as a #4 guy. After Sacco miss-used him (and Kobasew and Winnik) early on, he was able to regain his confidence and find his place on the team. I knew better than to expect things from this player that I knew he couldn't provide but I was pretty sure he could be a good mid-pairing guy, which I still think he is.

It is important to keep in mind that:
a) Hejda is not a top pairing NHL d-man
b) a $3.25M/yr contract is NOT that of a top pairing NHL d-man (it's 'ok' for a mid-pairing guy though)
c) After his atrocious -13 in his first two months with the Avs, he was a 'respectable' -4 (for a non-playoff team) for the remaining 4+ months of the season

For that last part, I'll have to take your word for it as I am an old man and that's mostly just gibberish to me.

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