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11-15-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
So the city estimates that teh loss is $60,000 a game. The writer "can't certify it" but "guesses" that its much much higher than that (he never said it was probably much higher than that. It was a guess). Based on what? Why doesn't he elaborate why he's guessing its much higher than the city's estimate? It seems to be the sole rational he has to guess it's higher than that is to push his agenda and its not based on any sort of facts.
Hey maybe the losses to the CoG are $1,000,000 a game, but I can't certify it, and it's just a WAG.

All we can go by is what the CoG says. The CoG estimates their tax losses per game are $60,000 which happens to be the exact same amount that the CoG pays less to Jamison via the AMF according to the lease agreement ( if there actually was a signed lease ) for every game missed during a lockout.

For every game not played because of a lockout or a strike, the city would pay $60,000 less in arena-management fees.

Of course the CoG bases it's estimates using some questionable sources, so who really knows what the real tax losses are. Given the fact that we are locked out, the CoG should be gathering some useful data as to what it really costs to not have the Coyotes.

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