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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
So the city estimates that teh loss is $60,000 a game. The writer "can't certify it" but "guesses" that its much much higher than that (he never said it was probably much higher than that. It was a guess). Based on what? Why doesn't he elaborate why he's guessing its much higher than the city's estimate? It seems to be the sole rational he has to guess it's higher than that is to push his agenda and its not based on any sort of facts.

I do like the comment on the article though "Also if team moves and Westgate turns into a Ghost Town, the NFL will think hard about moving the Super Bowl scheduled for a couple of years from now." If the Coyotes leave we lose the super bowl too!!! Give me a break
I can't fathom how it can possibly be more than $60,000 a game. We're talking a temporarily-high 2.9% municipal tax rate, so $60,000 would translate to $2,068,920 per game in sales directly relating to the Coyotes. Meaning those sales wouldn't happen at the Job / Westgate without a Coyotes game.

Figure 12,000 fans a game (to be generous, that's historically high for Oct and Nov) and that works out to each Coyotes fan paying $172 for a night of Coyotes hockey. So, in addition to a $35 ticket and maybe $25 for dinner, plus $0 for parking, the average fan must also spend $112 in beer and/or new sneakers before and after the game. Sorry, the math doesn't add up. No way are the 'Yotes directly responsible for $60,000 per game in city tax revenue. The concept that the real number is "much higher" is laughable - when has the city ever under-estimated how much money the Coyotes bring in for the city? Never.

Even if it is more than that, let's say double. That meands the city pulls in $120,000 per game night, or $5 million a year. Sounds like they really need to spend $15 million a year to preserve that $5 million (grossly inflated) revenue they generate. That's some good reckoning there, fellas. Beasley would be proud.

The article also whines about McFadden's losing $18,000 to $30,000 in sales each non-game night. Won't someone please think about McFadden's! Take the high number, multiply by 41, and we get $1.25 million roughly for the year that McFadden's will lose in sales. Again, bang-up reason to spend $15 million on Jamison & Friends to manage the arena - to keep that $1.25 million in overpriced bar food sales at Westgate. Isn't it cheaper for the city to just give $1.25 million to Mr. McFadden instead of propping up a money-losing sinkhole in maroon uniforms to the tune of $15 million a year?

I also call shananigans on the idea that the NFL will move the SuperBowl they have already awarded to Arizona simply becuase Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville across the parking lot closes up shop. Nice try though. And of course lest we forget the last SuperBowl that Glendale hosted actually cost the city about $2 million. Yes, they lost money hosting the SuperBowl. Good work, guys!

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